Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day Linkage

Remember, honoring diversity and multiculturalism is more important than whether your children are abused.

Did I mention, in case you didn't notice, how I believe Christian (TM) women are crazy?  But it's OK, because "god" forgives them for their completely selfish and harmful-to-others behavior.  Tee hee!  I'm forgiven!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some Outstanding Empirical Research and Data

The day is near where a camera will be able to assess within an adequate amount of precision the "Sausagefest Factor"

Still, this data is precisely what ever guy needs to see when debating whether or not to make night clubs part of their strategy when pursuing women.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Academic Credentialism: The Pyramid Scheme Inside a Pipe Dream

A guest post from our Agent Alex.

Let me start off by saying that if you're a reader of Captain Capitalism, you don't need me to tell you that the whole academic gig is a scam. Heck, you might have even realized it before you even stumbled upon his works. It's really not that hard to pick up on. You go to class, and it seems like the professor isn't even there. Chances are good that he's an adjunct, commuting between three different campuses a day and earning less than minimum wage, ruing the day he decided to waste seven years studying Medieval English Poetry. Say he's not one of the growing army of “professors” making burger flipping wages. Still, the lucky bum getting a living wage looks over the classroom and sees fifty to a hundred people who really don't care about what he has to say, and distract him from his need to publish or perish, or conduct far more interesting graduate seminars.

    The first college I ever attended was one of those crappy for-profit degree mills they advertise on daytime television in between reruns of “Little House on the Prairie” and Judge Judy. The kind of school that a person who sells his plasma for money or needs a pay day loan goes to, or in my case a naive kid just wanting to get out of the boondocks and into the city. The first day of class, the English professor goes up to the podium, introduces himself and says “I am a playwright. Unfortunately, no one gets paid for being a playwright in Arizona, so I am paid to stand here and teach you how to write papers on books you'd rather not read. If you want to get your degree in computer programming or electronic engineering, you will listen, you will write, and you will get graded on it. Maybe you might use this later in your career, but most likely not. However, it's the hoop you have to jump through. Let's try to make this whole thing less painful for the both of us by just accepting that.” Of course my bad luck started when I found out I liked reading books and writing about it better than crunching C++ and Java, but the tale of how I became an academic ghostwriter, or as I prefer to call it; “a phantom of the Ivory Tower” is a story for another day.

    The fact is, most professors don't give a shit. They're going through the motions just as much as the students are. So what does that mean for you? Well, unless you're a tradesman or one of the lucky guys who figured out it was going down the tubes before you had a family and all the financial obligations that it comes with, you're likely stuck in some sort of office job that requires certifications to climb one more rung up the side of the crab bucket. Certifications means taking classes. Taking classes means... you guessed it; jumping through hoops. Here's the thing. Jumping through those hoops takes time.

    Say you're a systems administrator who wants the certs to add information system for business operations to your resume. Is it really worth your time to take those classes on business writing seriously, when it has nothing to do with what you're really aiming for? Take it from me. Even if you're good at writing papers, good enough to get paid to do it for others, it's still hellish to look out that window and realize you're trapped inside in front of a screen while the sun is shining outside. Life is finite. Go out, play with your kids, have a nice cigar, and go to the beach. Why waste that weekend agonizing over a paper that doesn't matter to you, doesn't matter to the person grading it, and is ultimately pointless to the world at large?

    It's all pretty much a sign of the decline. Professors teaching things they don't care about to students who don't need it (and in the case of the aforementioned degree mill 2/3rds couldn't comprehend it), all so that... well... what, really? We're educated? Well, if you're smart, you do learn something, but it has nothing to do with the pointless lectures and time wasting papers. You learn that academic credentialism is nothing but a pyramid scheme inside a pipe dream. It's a demoralizing soul-crushing grind for everyone involved, in which money and time is extracted in return for meaningless pieces of paper, which, if you're smart enough to choose pieces of paper that serve as a marker of desirable skills, leads to future monetary returns. In better times, education used to be about enrichment of the mind and of the character.

It sure as hell ain't that anymore.

So why not let one of us phantoms do the heavy lifting for you along the way, hmmm?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Night Linkage

Again, women are poorer at financial management than men...especially those with hyphenated names.

Never date a girl who played "Mary" at her church's Christmas pageant.

Teachers hate you, this I know
For their actions tell me so

God bless alcohol.

I don't want to hear left wingers complaining about evil "right wing bankers" when the banks are the bitch of the government.

Who wants to invest in Ferguson, Missouri?  I DO I DO!!!!

Avoiding Essay Mills when paying somebody to do your homework.

Why Defaulting on the US National Debt Would Be Moral

To simplify my banking career, my primary job was assessing the likelihood and probability that people we lent money out to would pay us back.  Of course this was a pointless task because management and bankers were paid by commission so they really didn't care about the quality of the borrower, just that the loan got approved and they got their commission.  This, naturally, led to me ramming heads with management (where I would almost always lose), but on a macro-economic scale also led up to the housing bubble and subsequent crash and Great Recession.

However, in my pursuit to find genuine, real silver linings to our current economic state, it didn't dawn on me until very recently that my experiences in banking also provided the 100%


rationale to default entirely and completely on the US national debt.

Permit me to explain.

While most of us would put the blame of our financial woes on the idiots who couldn't do 3rd grade math and borrowed way more than they could afford, it has to be pointed out that there were idiots that lent to such morons in the first place.  There will ALWAYS be math impaired entitled lazy cry-babies thinking they deserve a McMansion and a luxury car.  It's whether there are saner heads in the banking industry that would lend to these idiots.  This is called "due diligence" and was primarily my job back in my banking days.  Thus, while we certainly (and rightly) place blame on the idiots who borrowed more than they could afford, we must also place blame on the banks who were so stupid to lend to these idiots in the first place as well.

Here were have no argument from any side of any political aisle.  Everybody was against the bankster bailouts.  Everybody hates the banking industry and those that populate it.  And nearly everybody agrees that the banks should have taken their losses, never gotten bailed out, gone belly up and died never to be seen again.

So, riddle me this, riddle me that, why do we hate the bankers so much, but love our nation's creditors to the point we still concern ourselves with paying them back?

Understand they are one and the same AND they made the exact same mistakes.

Bankers lent money to people who couldn't afford to pay it back.
Lenders to the US government lent money to a government who couldn't afford to pay it back.

Bankers failed to do due diligence on the borrowers it was lending money to.
Lenders to the US government failed to do due diligence on the borrowers it was lending money to.

Bankers created a bubble that inevitably crushed the US economy
Lenders to the US government have DEFINITELY created a bubble that will DEFINITELY crush the US economy.

If that doesn't convince you, let's view lending to the US government much in the same terms as bankers view or analyze lending to regular banking clients.

First, who are these idiots lending to?

Well, the US government or the "American people."  But I think a better personification of this would be our chief representative to the world, Barack Obama.

Obama has never worked a real job in his life.  He has been an academia, a spoiled brat with his grandma paying for everything, who immediately went into politics and because of his youth, looks, and race won the lottery in the democrat primary to be president. 

His political platform has been to bribe voters with money that he borrows, while seeding envy and hatred against the only assets in the US that have the capacity to pay us back (entrepreneurs, hard workers, corporations, private sector, etc.)

But again, it is not so much Barack Obama US creditors are lending to, but the people who put such an idiot in office.  He is merely a proxy to the caliber and character of the country as a whole, and that country seemingly has no intention of paying anybody back, let alone concerning itself with government finances.

Second, what is the money being invested in?

Understand that banks don't just "lend out money for shits and giggles."  The proceeds of the loan must be invested in some kind of asset or business that generates an income.  AND NOT JUST AN INCOME, but MORE INCOME THAT WHAT IS BEING CHARGED IN INTEREST.  However, this is entirely a moot point because the proceeds of the loans lent to the US government do not go into ANYTHING even remotely resembling an investment.

1.  70% of government spending is income transfers, which is nothing more than bribes to the parasitic class to vote for democrats. 

2.  What money does make it to "education" is wasted on indoctrinating youth into socialism and not providing them the skills and jobs they need to support themselves, let alone work up the excess cash to pay back the national debt.  Worse still children are so removed from labor market realities they'll blow a trillion in federal tax dollars getting masters degrees in egos and hobbies before considered a trade.

3.  Health care spending is, sadly, but factual, mostly spent on people who will never work again and are just going to die soon (so again, mathematically just throwing money in a hole).

4.  Wars, no matter how called for, usually are not profitable for either side.  Even if the US went into the mid east "for oil," they've done a spectacularly bad job of profiting off of it.

In short, I'd rather lend to a cancer-ridden, faux 55 year old "DudeBro" "businessman" whose Beemer is leased, his house mortgaged to the hilt, and who has a trophy wife with a horse hobby farm that wants to start a bar, because at least a BAR is somekind of an investment.

Welfare bums, single moms, dying old people, tanks, and socialist indoctrination camps are NOT investments.

Third, how are we getting paid back?

You're not!  Any basic financial analysis of the government's finances already tells you it is loth to run a surplus.  And, once again looking at the caliber of the people in charge of the government, they have no intention of voting in fiscally conservative and astute people into office.  The American people are no different than the spoiled suburbanite children and trophy wives of the beleaguered and insolvent failing "businessman" who desperately comes to the bank, begging and pleasing to be lent more money so he can keep the facade up for another 6 months.

Since repayment is not an option, banks naturally then look at the repossession of the collateral.

Fourth, what do they have for collateral?

Creditors to the US government have "the full backing and faith of the US government" for its collateral.

Translated into English?


There is no collateral.

And the reason there is no collateral is because if any creditor dared tried to repossess say a piece of land or some islands or some other form of US assets a la "South Beach Tow" the full might and strength of the US military would come crushing down on it.

In other words, simplifying it a lot, people who lent money to the US government were just as spectacularly stupid and naive and negligent in their lack of due diligence that they fully deserve the US government to default on it and never pay them back. 

The Chinese and foreign creditors?  You were just as dumb lending money to an Obama America as you were building all those ghost towns and ghost malls that populate your landscape.

Pension funds, mutual funds and 401k plans?  You were just as dumb lending money to Americans as you were actually believing social security was a great way to retire.

And even you parents who thought "teaching your little children about interest" by having them invest in a Series EE bond, are going to instead teach them a much more advanced economic lesson on government bond defaults.

My simple economic take on this is why not make it easy?  Simply acknowledge the emperor has no clothes, default on it now and be done with this once and for all.  Creditors to the US government will get what their ignorance deserves, and we'll all be free of the national debt...that is until you idiot creditors lend this country of spoiled, entitled brats more money and start the whole cycle over again.

Enjoy the decline.

The World Needs More Assholes

Remember kids, if you're having problems and can't find a solution, you have a choice;

Hire a nice person that will take ten times as long, and thus, ten times the expense to beat around the bush and MAYBE get to the truth


Hire and asshole who doesn't give a shit about your feelings and will just tell it like it is for a fraction of the time and cost.

When you want to be lied to, hire an MBA.
When you want the truth, hire an asshole.

A Very Cappy Job Posting

A reader of mine has a job that is akin to the Bakken oil field - hard work, but great pay and something young men can probably do.

Consider pursuing it if you're looking for something different and want to lead a different life. Remember to tell him "The Captain Sent Ya!"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

There's Always a Catch With Women

Village of women looking for single men.

Just have to "follow their rules."

Funny...the article doesn't mention what those rules are.

How much you want to bet they stay a man-less village forever?

How the Left Murders the Individual

I did a spoof video asking why there isn't a "White Male Appreciation Month." And though I knew it was tongue and cheek, it wasn't until a handful of of people, who were offended by it, made me have to go and think through why I found it funny.  And after a little scratching of the surface and kicking it around in my brain, I finally realized not only why I found it funny, but why it truly is funny:

ANY "Appreciation Month," no matter which class or race or gender it celebrates, is stupid.

Permit me to explain.

In the video I (rightly) point out white males made, "well...everything."  But the punchline is that deep down inside, I am not a single one of those white males.

I didn't invent electricity.
I didn't invent flight.
I didn't invent any medicine or vaccines.
And I didn't invent the auto-mobile. 

Matter of fact, like most white males, I haven't invented or done much of jack with my life. 

But if we are to follow the logic of any race's "Appreciation Month" that shouldn't matter.  It shouldn't matter if we personally, individually didn't achieve anything.  It shouldn't matter if we sat on our asses all day drinking beer and playing video games.  It shouldn't matter if we're collecting a check, getting bailed out of our mortgage, or having illegitimate children.  All that matters is the color of your skin, your gender, your sexual preference, and BOOM!  You "magically" are entitled to just as much pride and respect as the individuals in your respective group who actually did do something of merit and worth.

So because I'm a white male, I'm some how responsible and deserve respect for the accomplishments of Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr and John Oppenheimer.

And if you're a black male you are somehow responsible and deserve respect for the achievements of Duke Ellington, President Obama, 50 Cent, and the Tuskegee Airmen. 

And both of us could be drugged out methheads with 4 illegitimate children and criminal records.

Naturally there are several things wrong with this logic.

First, why is it only the good accomplishments?  Shouldn't it go both ways?  Germans should have a huge complex right about now because not only are they responsible for jets, rockets, the auto-mobile, nuclear power, and space travel, they're also responsible for the Holocaust, two world wars, and the Nazi human experimentation projects.  Thus, just as it would be stupid for a German today to take pride in German achievements 50 years ago, it would be just as stupid to blame him for German atrocities 50 years ago. 

Second, what if because of history, geography and things outside of your "group's" control, they didn't achieve much?  I'm still waiting for the day the NAACP and various other black groups cite and celebrate STEM heroes in the black community instead of the litany of never-heard of "civil rights leaders" or "Maya Lou Angelo" subpar-"artists."  Couldn't you cite Thomas Sowell?  How about Dr. Benjamin Carson?  Herman Cain?  In part you don't see these genuine heroes of the black community cited is because of politics.  In part it is the political nature of these "appreciation months" to paint the group as a victim to beget additional taxpayer monies.  But (sadly) another reason is that due to slavery, history, geography, etc., many people in many groups did not have the opportunity, and thus no track record of great achievers to point to as mentors and models.

Ergo, what?  Are some groups condemned to really lame heroes?  Are the real heroes going to be hidden for political reasons?  Are aspiring youth in different groups going to have lower bars and standards? 

Only if you make them think their heroes MUST be of the same group they are. 

And this gets to the truly disgusting, criminal, even outright evil aspect of these "appreciation months" - It destroys and murders the individual by replacing individual accomplishment and achievement with a trait you were born with.

It's important that all people of all groups understand this because there is a genuine evil out there that wishes to destroy the one thing you have in life - yourself.  And if you don't understand this and realize the threat this poses to your life, you will waste your one precious life on this planet.   Thus, it is vital you pay attention to the next couple paragraphs.

If you're like me or any other human your "self," your "consciousness," what you experience in life is not affected by your gender, your skin color, or your sexual preference.  Like me you wake up and your brain says, "Hey, I'm here."  It sees the world through the same way mine does, through our eyes, and the electrical chemical impulses shooting through your brain cells result in the same physical and mental experience every human has.  This experience is universal across all humans of all types.  It isn't until you take the time to purposely look at your arm do you notice a different in the color of your skin or bother to look down your pants do you notice a difference in sex.

However, those "traits" are things you were born with.  You did nothing to earn a "vagina" just as I did nothing to earn "white skin."  They define your physical self, but not your life, your accomplishments, your adventures, or your experiences that ultimately will go into and make up "you."  Thus these physical traits have no real value and to place value on them is stupid.  This is why I don't wake up every morning and look at my arms and say, "My goodness, look how white I am!  I am so awesome!"  Nor do I wake up, look down my pants and say, "Shucks howdy!  Look at how male I am!!!  I'm totally *ahem* 'blessed'."  Nor do most of you because, well, you're sane.

But the same cannot be said of many other people.  Professional race pimps, feminists, "Appreciation Month" professionals, the "Privilege Clergy," and people otherwise psychotically (or politically) obsessed with traits they were born with and never their accomplishments.  And not to simplify it (though it is that simple), but these people can cumulatively be identified as the left. 

Understand precisely how evil and despicable the left is when they demand more emphasis and value be put on traits than they do individual accomplishments.  They tell you that you only have value because of characteristics you were born with.  Something completely out of your control. And that conscious you, the person inside that skull of yours with dreams and hopes and desires, the one thing that is the true you and identifies you, is worthless.

It doesn't matter if you achieve anything great or unique.
It doesn't matter if you want to experience a different life.
It doesn't matter if you want to think differently and make this one shot at consciousness on this planet truly and uniquely yours.
And it doesn't matter if your brain has the capacity and ability for greatness.

No, you are black and condemned to a life of failure and racism.
No, you are female and condemned to a life of pay gaps and sexism.
No, you are gay and condemned to suffer at the hands of "straight-privileged" Christians.

The real issue is whether you're going to believe them or not.  If you identify them for the political scum they are, dividing and pitting difference groups of Americans against one another for political gain, you will not waste this one precious and finite life you have and will achieve your own individual greatness.  But if you fall for it and actually believe you're "oppressed" and "discriminated against, " so much so to the point you actually put more value on your skin color or sex than your accomplishments, then the left has won, they stole your life,  and you as an individual have been murdered.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Night Observations

Extremist feminists going against ISIS.  I say they deserve each other.

It's called "capital flight" and it's the consequence of having greedy, parasitic socialist whinny assholes demanding other people's money.

Perfect example of how feminists really are hate-obsessed.


My Ex Found a New Home

The purchaser of "My Ex GF's Tits" has found her artwork a new home.  Specifically a frat house in front of a beer-pong table.

I cannot think of a better home.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Episode 61 of The Clarey Podcast

The "Three Hour Podcast of Hell" which includes:

How back to school sales ruin kid's summers
English teachers have rarely written anything of literary worth
Test your IQ!
A review of Wolfenstein NWO
A review of Sin City 2
How I'd murder Steve Balmer
"I'm Majoring in Reconciliation"
My enemies were the key to my success
When Cappy read the riot act to a real life high end whore (and paid the price)
And Aaron takes down a sanctimonious single mom like no other

and more in this episode of The Clarey Podcast!

And for you communists posing as "Apple Product Afficionados" you can find The Clarey Podcast on Pravda errr....uhhh....ahem...."iTunes" as well.

"Yeah, But the 50's Were Racist!"

When debating economics, nothing angers me more when a human mind purposely chooses to ignore the precise, specific argument at hand and pulls something unrelated to the debate, and presents it as germane. 

The perfect example of this - pointing to the 50's as ideal economic times.

If you ever bring up the 1940's and the 1950's as an example of what an economy "should be," you will be guaranteed 100% or your money back, leftists will un-thinkingly knee jerk and parrot two arguments they had spoon fed to them.

1.  Oh yeah, well the top income tax rate was 99.8%


2.  Yeah, but the 50's were racist!

I'm not going to go into the argument about the top marginal tax rate (which so few people paid) as it's been debunked.

But I am going to address the "Yeah, but the 50's were racist."

My counter-argument is simple:

So what?

Not that I am for racism.
Not that I had no problems with Jim Crow laws.
Not that I wanted blacks intimidated from voting or lynched.


During the 20 year period which most would consider the halcyon days of America (1940's-1960's) economic growth was nearly twice what it is today.  Unemployment a half.  Underemployment, non existent. And debt decreasing.  Practically all economic measures showed the economy firing on all cylinders and everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY (blacks included) benefited from this great general economic climate.

But to take an irrelevant sociological phenomenon such as racism and use it to besmirch or debunk an economic phenomenon is intellectually dishonest and...well...the epitome of leftist.

The truth is that the economic growth during the 50's was so great, it was able to OVERCOME what negative effects of racism there were.  Blacks and black families we infinitely better off based on a wide array of economic statistics during "those evil, racist, oppressive 50's" than they are today in Unicornitopia Diversityville Obama Land.  Unemployment, crime, real wages, illegitimate birth, divorce, etc.  And while things such as Jim Crow laws and other specific instances of truly oppressive racism existed, it wasn't until economic policies changed from that of capitalism and free markets to "The Great Society"/socialism did blacks' economic AND sociological lot start to severely deteriorate.  Ironically, this meant outright racism wasn't anywhere near as damaging to the black community than "well intended" socialism.

What I want to see, though, is taking the precise same illogic the left uses when deriding the 50's and reverse apply it today.

So there was a lot more racism back in the 50's, and there's less of it today.
But back in the 50's the black community (as well as all communities) had better technology adjusted standards of living, healthier families, and the economy was growing much.
Ergo, racism is good for economic growth!

Whether the leftist is smart enough to see you merely did what they did - dishonestly substitute the sociological scourge of racism into what was an economic debate - would be left to be seen.  Though my money would be on their heads spinning.

The Truth About the ALS Ice Bucket Fad

I think I speak for everybody:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Evening Constitutional

The professor vampires call their victims back.

Mark Suckerberg pissing away even more money on public schools.  Remember how his last donation all ended up in consultants' hands?

AF500 reviews Bachelor Pad Economics.

Look closely at these pictures.  What do you see?  Well, if you're a junior, deputy, aspiring, professional, official or otherwise economist you see production.  Economic production.  And not just economic production, but economic production that was done within the home and without monetary compensation.  Which means non-taxable.  It's not only a way to be a survivalist, but it's also a great way to go Galt.

I just don't understand why kids prefer video games over reading.

I haven't talked about Ferguson because it was entirely too predictable.  DT& the Man have another damn fine podcast that covers about 95% of what I would have said about it anyway.  

Corporate Taxes Are the Dumbest Thing You Can Do To An Economy

Yes, language warning.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

We Don't Need No Stinking Fathers

You just have to read the last question.

By all means gentlemen, please be absent in your child's life.  We need a constant supply of strippers, porn stars, and escorts.  And ladies, please, by all means, choose men to procreate with that will be absent in your daughter's life.  We need her to grow up insecure and with daddy issues so that we don't have to work too hard to get some play.


Visit our sponsor Cigars City!

Zoe Quinn for Non-Geeks

As mentioned in a previous post, I did not fully understand the "conflict" that has arisen in the gamer/geek/comicon/video game industry with the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, Adria Richards, and (most recently) Zoe Quinn.  Even though I am an avid gamer and 80's nerd, I still was not able to understand why there is so much hubbub about a bunch of feminists trying to ruin a good time in geek culture.  In my layman eye I didn't see any true threat or scandal except for a bunch of hate-filled feminists wishing to either capitalize or vainly attempt to destroy an otherwise happy and predominantly male-enclave of society so they could boost their egos without the rigor and effort of accomplishing anything of genuine merit or worth.

However, because of the sheer volume and visceral backlash against these women, I knew there must have been more than what my novice eye was seeing.  And thusly I requested our resident expert in all things Geekery, Chris Bechtloff, to connect the dots for us non-geeks so we can understand the threat these sub-humans pose to society.

I personally know Chris and his podcast is one I tune into regularly.  I'm not recommending it because "he's a friend and I'm just trying to help out a friend," but because the dude has a GREAT geek podcast and has the ability to translate the happenings in geek culture to how it affects "normal boring us" culture.  You may find his podcast here and the traffic would be appreciated.

Hello there Lieutenants, this is The Bechtloff and the good Captain has asked me to step in and explain, as simply as possible, who the hell Zoe Quinn is, what this controversy is all about, and most importantly, why you should care.

Zoe Quinn is the feminist social justice warrior who made a little video game called Depression Quest on an independent video game distributing site called Steam. Depression Quest is a text based game about having depression. If that sounds like a terrible idea for a video game, it's only because it is. Ms. Quinn's game was, as you might imagine, mocked by many a gamer. A fact that Quinn was able to use to able to use to garner sympathy and even donations via crowd funding. So to recap, Zoe Quinn's original claim to fame was making a terrible excuse for a video game, and then playing the professional victim.

Now recently Zoe Quinn's ex boyfriend published a very lengthy blog in which he accused her of cheating on him with at least five different guys, which is where she earned her new nickname of "Five Guys Burgers and Lies". Now it seems most if not all of these men were fellow video game developers and video game journalists who worked at sites that were giving her favorable coverage as well as covering up negative stories on her that came out. So obviously serious questions regarding journalistic integrity have been raised. All of this is covered extremely well in videos by the Youtuber Internet Aristocrat. I would suggest checking them out for more on it.

Now I don't want to go into extensive detail, but there are a lot of factors here. The identity of all five of these men, or even if it is indeed only five are unknown as of now. Also a staunch Zoe Quinn defender by the name of Phil Fish is claiming his website has been hacked by Zoe's enemies, although there is considerable evidence that he faked that. I'm struggling with how much to even mention here because I really want to keep this as brief as possible. As I said, there is a lot going on here, and this story continues to unfold even as I type this. But what is clear is that geek and gaming sites like Kotaku are desperately trying to sweep things under the rug on this. In a very Nixon like turn of events the cover up is rapidly becoming far worse than the crime.

Now the real question is why does this matter. Well, this is far more important than the whorishness of Zoe Quinn. This is about how unbelievably corrupt and bias the geek and gaming media has become. Put simply, we have allegations that gaming developers were sleeping with game critics in exchange for positive coverage, and the response from those in charge of these sites has been "Move along, nothing to see here folks.". We have journalists literally in bed with the industry they are charged with covering. It is clear that the gaming and geek media have become completely overrun by corrupt whores who care about nothing but pushing their insane liberal agenda and scratching each others backs in the process, or in this case, scratching each others naughty bits. And if Zoe Quinn and everyone else involved can get away with this, then that means these people can basically get away with anything. Now some of you reading this might think this doesn't matter. Maybe you don't play video games, or read comic books, or indulge in any other aspect of geek culture. But it still matters. Geek culture is the imagination of our culture. It is from geek culture that so much of our technological innovation and our art and entertainment spring. We cannot afford to let these soulless liberal whores snuff that flame of creativity out.

Thanks folks. And now back to your regularly scheduled Cappy Cap blogging.