Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Clarey Podcast Episode #76

William Shatner is god
The Captain rides a mechanical bull and breaks the record
Cappy also discovers the American South East is much larger than he first thought
Kids puke!
Partying in Atlanta with some readers
The eulogy of a Social Justice Warrior
ISIS meets US troops, not Iraqis, and hilarity ensues!


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Brilliant Podcast

I'm not joking when I say this, but this episode from Matt Forney was arguably the best single podcast I've listened to.  It covers everything from SJW's to Batman vs. Joker philosophy to Chris Bechtloff making his Dennis Millerish observations and parallels.  It's 2.5 hours, which I am fine with because it is like being at a bar with some great conversationalists.

3 more days of vacation and posts will resume as normal.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

El Sooper Mexican Podcast

Howdy All,

Many of you know my frustrations with "teh interwebz" community when it comes to the lack of business focus and orientation on profit.  You have scores of people with a great product (be it a podcast, a blog, a youtube channel, etc.), but they never capitalize on it.  Me being of an entrepreneurial mind knows the potential of teh interwebz, especially when it comes to the blogging community and so, when I approach an online media personality with the offer of MONEY, it enrages me that they never get back to me.

Not because they don't want my sponsorship.
Not because they don't like money.
But because they lack hustle or just plain fail to appreciate the earnings potential their online presence has.

Enter in Sooper Mexican.

Sooper Mexican (henceforth "Soop") has a hell of an online media empire going on.  Web site, podcast, you name it.

And it only took 4 weeks of hounding and brow-beating to get him to finally run ads for Cappy.

And while I am joking, sadly, I'm not.  Most podcasters of significant note, just plain don't have the business acumen like Tom Leykis to get back to you the next day, let alone the next month like El Soop.

Still, Soop got back to me and I wanted to introduce his podcast to all of you.  I am a regular listener and believe that if you like my rough-around-the-edges podcast you will also like his.  It is definitely an above-average podcast that will replace your talk-radio listening and MSM consumption.

Plus he has a loud-mouth guy from Wall Street or something on, not to mention some Texan hick from a trailer.

Regardless, great podcast, something to download...that's if he'd up his bandwidth and not get cut off by his provider because he underestimates his popularity.

Atlanta tomorrow, St. Petersburg the day after, normal operations by the end of the week.

Rescuing the Millennials

To be blunt there is no such thing as the "Great American South East."  It's nice, but it lacks mountains, a sin city, and is too heavily populated to give you any sense of adventure or risk.  Thus, unlike my "Great American South West" adventures entailing mountains, deserts, rattlesnakes and gambling, this has largely been a road trip with all the comforts of 24-7 Waffle Houses and Wal-Marts.

However, I did manage to drop in an visit Kerry Lutz in his schwank bachelor pad down in Florida and did a short interview that started out as a an inquiry into Asshole Consulting, but morphed into a pretty decent discussion about the Millennials, what's plaguing them, false self-esteem, and how this is a lack of fathers in families.

Raleigh and Atlanta are the next stops, let the ole Captain know if you're around.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SJWing to Rationalize Your Worthless Degree

not to mention your worthless self.

Actually, I take that back.  SJW's aren't worthless human beings.  They're parasitic.  I keep forgetting that they always need other people's money to survive.

Just aiming for 100% accuracy here folks!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Hero's Journey

The Black Brigade makes a heck of a philosophical podcast drawing parallels between the book "A Hero of a Thousand Faces" and consuming the red pill.

And yes, I am on vacation.  And yes, it is difficult to blog from the field...especially while driving.  Posts will resume at a normal level in a week.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Trudge

Hey parents?  You know your SJW kid you raised who is a pan-sexual?  Well grandchildren were overrated anyway.

1 in 5?  No, try like .03 in 5.  Uncie Bern Bern does some math.  (but the maths are tough!)

"Micro-aggression Reporting Service" - I wonder if the kids who set it up realize just how nazi-esque, and thus, hypocritical they've become.

And finally, remember to get Christmas shopping in before it's too late.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Anita Sarkeesian Plagiarizes the Captain

I have largely avoided mentioning Anita Sarkeesian because:

1.  She's an attention whore and any attention is good attention in her eyes and
2.  There's more than enough people exposing this fraud.

About the only thing that irks me is how she gets $160,000 (or whatever it was) for what is nothing more than politically-correct whining and real people with real talent go unfunded.

But this crosses the line - plagiarism:

I do not take kindly to having my literary works being used, plagiarized and then taken out of context.

For the record I have never contacted or e-mailed Anita.  I really do have better things to do with my life.  I merely wrote this piece which she obviously then co-opted and used to make it seem as if I have sent her hate mail.

The only thing I will say about Anita Sarkeesian and all the media attention surrounding her is simply this:

The real story about Anita Sarkeesian has nothing to do with any of her "work."  It has everything to do with how the media, the gaming industry, video game developers, and other institutions are so dumb and blinded about this evil person that they give her the attention, funding, and platform they do.

And that really is all that has to be said (and will ultimately be the legacy of) Anita Sarkeesian.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dear Mozilla, FOAD

The gall of these nazi, anti-free speech assholes who dared to fire an employee for making a political donation, now go begging for money.  I literally would rather donate to the nazi party before donating to these fuckers.

Good too see they're having financial troubles at least.

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

Remember, we don't need no stinking fathers!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Episode #75 of The Clarey Podcast

Cappy discovers a great time saving device - Chinese delivery
The cold wants to kill you
What your parents really meant when they accused you of being "crabby"
Commenting in the Manosphere is NOT a life to envy
James Bond is now more sexist than ever
The Shelby GT Mustang Super Snake Charity
Hot women want positive attention.  Feminists will take ANY attention.
What's going to happen when today's pathetic, victim-whoring college students get into the working world?


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Today's Horribly Offensive, but 100% True Joke

Female rape claims are becoming an awful lot like female orgasms - fake.

Ba dum bum!

Anyway, on a serious note, the mental acrobatics these scum go through is criminal.

Girls "don't know" that going to the cops is an option?  They're not "guided" by the college to report rape to the police?

No, how about Occam's Razor?  They majority of these claims are fake and that's why girls don't report it to the police.

This fake rape culture bullshit IS bullshit and is a sick and psychotic (and desperate) power grab on the part of hate filled feminists and socialists to beget money from the government, maintain victim status, all at the expense of falsely accused men.  It amazes me how there is NOT ONE WORD written about the panic, pain, and agony men falsely accused of rape go through.  And never mind the air of fear that college men must be living under now should they dare ask a girl out.

It's gross, it's disgusting, and we're going to continue to point it out until the masses realize just what an evil is festering in academia and the government.

Iforgetday Linkage

Iforgetday is a problem that has been increasing ever since I entered self employment.  And not just self employment, but where I have nothing even remotely approaching a schedule to adhere to and only know if it's a weekday or a weekend if my girlfriend is in the bed when I wake up.

Thus I've come up with "Iforgetday."  Unlike "Tuesday" or "Friday" it's always, "Iforgetday" in Cappyland.  And seriously, right now, I have no idea what day it is.  Therefore, today's linkage will be "Iforgetday" linkage.  Enjoy!

A white guy who write about white privilege and racism for the SLPC is suspected of being murdered by two black men.

Stupid people want to be thought of as smart.  This is why leftists pursue worthless and advanced worthless degrees.  This is also why, when arguing with these same leftists, they never agree to take an IQ test.  They need to hide behind their piece of paper that says they are smart.

I didn't even know there was a debate about how Amazon/self publishing is or is not going to bring better books into the market.  All Amazon did was make it a free market.  I've yet to hear that bringing about a worse result.

The Bakken Bubble.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Europe's Standards of Living Are Overstated...Especially for American Bachelors

I had meant to write more economics pieces during and post my European trip.  Then Asshole Consulting took off, I had to winterize my house in anticipation of the Minnesota winter, and now it's the holiday season.  It wasn't through anything but sheer luck I have a glimpse of time at this moment and I fully intend on using it to write about my most important observation about Europe - that it's standards of living are overstated, and especially so for bachelors.

Admittedly, I did not travel all of Europe.  I visited Switzerland, Italy and a bit of France.  But in sampling those three countries (not to mention practically scouring all of Switzerland and Italy) I can say with reasonable confidence in at least those three countries standards of living are overstated.  Of course in the Eastern European Empire of Roosh things may be different, and northern Europe I left untouched, but I believe even the regional differences aside there are some European wide structural differences that not only puts it at a disadvantage compared to the US, but costs its people a lower standard of living.

The first and most painfully obvious reason was the cost of food.  I know food does not account for anywhere near a significant percentage of GDP, but since it stimulates one of the five senses and is kind of a "necessity," I was shocked how expensive the food was.

In Switzerland a Big Mac (just the burger, not the meal) on average cost $12.  If it cost cheaper somewhere else, I was unaware of it, but I was HONORED to pay "only" $8.50 for a Burger King Big Whopper.  Even that was a "deal" because twice I paid over $120 for dinner for four.  Admittedly once was in Montreaux (and expensive resort town on Lake Geneva), but it was certainly overpriced.

Second, and related, was the quality of food.

I don't know what idiotic 16 year old suburbanite American girl came up with the lie to make her trip to Europe more exotic than it was, but the food absolutely sucks.  The two times I paid $120+ for dinner the food was on par with gas station food, and not even good gas station food.  Mac and Cheese, a panini sandwich so toasted you'd lose a filling, and with a stingy thin slice of "prosciutto" (which I believe is Italian for "one atom-thick slick of pork").  And I think my girlfriend had the leaf sandwhich with three-eye-droplets of Diet Coke.   If you factor in the quality and quantity of food, Europe probably costs quadruple what it does in the US.

Third, gas.

Yes, I know gas is more expensive in Europe.  Yes, I am also aware "well, but tuition and health care are free there!"  That does me no good.  Unless you're old or in college, these offsetting social programs don't benefit the majority of people who have to endure it.  But it is not the mere nominal costs of gas that lowers the standards of living as much as it is when you combine it with the fact 1960's highways were built on the towns' 500AD European infrastructure.  So not only do you get to pay more in gas, you get to use more as you meander through indirect highways and clogged city streets that were designed for cattle.

Fourth, housing.

Unless new construction, the vast majority of housing in Europe is inferior to the US.  This is not an insult to the European peoples or their carpenters as much as it is a result of the majority of their housing being before the US even existed.  A "nice house" is jammed right next to others with roof spines sagging and shared yards.  Every castle I saw looked like a home-owner's fixit nightmare.  And the prices are so high you never own your home as much as just pay the interest on the mortgage.  Simply because the US is/was less densely populated and the majority of its housing stock built with updated technologies, the quality of housing (and thus your living/dwelling experience) is much nicer.

Finally, the hotels.

I was very much looking forward to finding a quiet, hidden Italian village where I promised myself and girlfriend we would "sit and do nothing."  I just wanted to find a nice hotel next to the ocean and get drunk on vino.

Never happened.

Not just because to drive from one town to another in Italy will make you so stressed out and weary you can't enjoy a wine, but because the hotels are really not that nice and neither is the wine.  We stayed at great, high end hotels in Stresa, Bellagio, and Florence and NONE OF THEM beat something as average as the Crowne Plaza in Billings, Montana.  Again, some of this has to do with the outdated technologies these "premier" hotels were built with, but the furniture and fixings are literally no better than a Hotel 8.  In short, even their most luxurious hotel in Bellagio (on Lake Como) comes nowhere near the quality and caliber of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

There were many other things, but the point is whether it's something basic as food or luxurious as a hotel on Lake Como, the costs are twice that of the US for goods and services that are a fraction of the quality and quantity.

However, shocking and appalling as the costs and economic lower standards of living were, there was one thing that was even more cumbersome and "standards-of-life-dropping."

The culture.

Not that Europe is "uncultured." It certainly is, and in many regards, more so than the US.  But the European culture is absolutely antithetical to the freedom-loving, American bachelor.

Understand that the American bachelor is arguably the freest person in the entire world.  We can get up when we want.  Do what we want.  Eat when we want.  Go when we want.  And go wherever we want.  This isn't to say that in Europe there are Nazi guards at the borders checking your papers, preventing you from enjoying these freedoms, there isn't.  But it is to say the European culture is not conducive to providing the support structure for this level of freedom.

And it's maddening.

Most obvious is that you do not have the "Freedom to Eat Whenever You Want."


Because every freaking store closes down at siesta for 1-2 hours and then permanently for the day around 7PM.  Yes, there probably is one or two places on the continent that might be open till 10PM, but I didn't see them.  The problem this presents, however, to the American bachelor is that he no longer has the luxury of not worrying about when to eat.  After three days without a host the PRIMARY determinant of where we went, what time we left, and what town we'd get a hotel in, was not determined by our traveling desires, but at what time we could get food, specifically diner.

You may be laughing, but consider the drop in standard of living this presents to a bachelor.  Time and freedom are the only things that matter.  And if you can get food 24-7, a vital and key necessity is taken care of, allowing you to travel wherever, whenever you want.  However, without 24-7 access to food, you are no longer entitled to 100% of your free time.  Some of it, now needs to be dedicated and thus restricted based on the operating hours of food providers.

Closely related to this culture of "close when grandpa goes to bed," is the highway system.  Bachelors like to travel, especially American ones.  And key to this travel is the US interstate system COMBINED WITH gas stations that are not just open, but serving food and other staples of life (toiletries, oil, aspirin, etc.) 24-7.  But without this amazing infrastructure, the concept of taking a midnight road trip on a whim across the country/continent just isn't possible in Europe.  There were times that (despite a much higher density population than Wyoming) I was more worried about running out of gas in Europe than in Wyoming.  Not that there weren't gas stations, but they weren't open.

This meant we had to travel knowing full when and where we'd get gas if we were traveling at night.  It also meant buying food before hitting their "highway" system, but having to wait till it was open...but not too late or we'd hit "siesta."  This may sound "whinny" and "complainy," and it is.  But it is still a dramatic drop in the freedom-go-now-don't-worry standard American bachelors are accustomed to.

Finally, there are no Wal-Marts, Perkins, or any other large 24-7 facilities where you can buy other wares or food.

I remember traveling across the American southwest many years ago and pulling into Alamogordo, New Mexico, where in BRILLIANT and ILLUMINATED glory was a Wal-Mart open and operational at 3AM.  Not only could I buy the food and camping equipment I needed, but

a bottle of Jack Daniels
an X-Box

and everything else that can be found in a Wal-Mart.

Not only does Europe suffer a dramatically lower standard of living because they have no such thing, but the bachelor particularly so.  The bachelor is not only forced to buy from the same overpriced local village "family stores" families are, but they also have to abide by these companies' restrictive hours of operation.

In short, if you go to Europe as an American bachelor prepare for a culture shock.  And not just "oh they wear different clothes or their toilets are funny," or $12 Big Macs.  But for what is going to be a dramatic decrease in your freedom of mobility and the convenience you've grown accustomed to here in the US.  Yes, the US has it's issues, and certainly Europe has it's benefits (somewhere I'm sure), but you will come back infinitely more appreciate of the US, its infrastructure, how it operates 24-7 for its people, and the freedom that allows you to, at the drop of a hat, just get in your car and go.