Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Latest Podcast - Why Do Haters Hate?

Actually, to be honest, I was on Aurini's "The Podcast" as he was gracious enough to host me.

Countries that Wish to Secede

An interesting post about all the different countries/regions that wish to secede. 

The Night Dad Went to Jail

I saw this on my Facebook feed and after an unthinking and visceral reaction against it, with further thought I think it's actually quite brilliant and a sad testament that such a book is needed in society.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In the Mail - MissLed

Got this in the mail.

Municipal Bike Coordinator

For the Patron Saints Name of Frick.

Honest to god, a god damned "bike coordinator."

Boys, are you paying attention?  What did Uncle Cappy tell you about owning property in major metro areas?

That's right, DON'T!  You rent and spend your youth there, you do NOT invest or live your productive lives there.

At Least Russia's President is for Russia

Getting hard not to be pro-Putin.

Conservative Female Porn

At any time, you men have it within your ability to turn this around.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Antonia Ayres-Brown

It is April 22nd, 2014.

I want you to remember this girl's name:

Antonia Ayres-Brown.

The reason I want you to remember her name and this date is because I am making the prediction you will see this person in the news again in the future.  And it is nearly guaranteed that it will not be good news, but rather of the "crusader/narcissist telling others how to live life" variety.  She got a taste of success.  MacDonald's "diversity officer" caved.  And she will now and forever be addicted to the powertrip that ensued.

Ram Z Paul

New blogroll addition.

Ram Z Paul.

Pretty funny guy.

Best Economics Cartoon EVER

An outstanding cartoon that explains money, banking, and economics better than I've ever seen.  Mandatory viewing for people of all ages.

How Andrew Norlen Destroyed Sweden

It's not even the fact that immigration will destroy Sweden.  It's the blatant ending of the freedom of speech

“I do not think it takes very many prosecutions before a signal is transmitted in the community that the internet is not a lawless country, the sheriff is back in town” 

No Arlen, Stalin is back.

Another Product of the Boomer Generation

I love it.  They carry the 60's leftist crap shoved down our throats to it's logical end - kill yourself.

The New Style of Debate


The video he is referencing is here.

Bernard Chapin also addresses debating in the past and how it's gone down the toilet.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Nazis Make Better Super Villains Than Communists

An outstanding observation by The Bechtloff.

Nazis make for better super-villains because at least they aim to be super or superior.  Communists (and by "communist" I also mean American democrats) are so unmentionable and unimpressive as individuals they by their own nature are not unique and thusly need to define themselves through others.  They aren't Lex Luther or The Joker hatching brilliant schemes as much as they are boring, common, petty thieves rationalizing their parasitism.

Ergo, evil aside, think about what villain you'd rather hang out with:

The Borg or Professor Moriarty
Your average women's studies professor or Bernie Madoff
Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin

Now that's telling.  Which comic book series would have better success?

One where the villain is Obama


One where Vladimir Putin is the arch-nemesis?

Just Once, Some Intelligent Shit

I have only one request before I die and pass on in this world.

That Davis Aurini would for once write a quality, thought-provoking intelligent piece of shit.

Of course he can't because, well, in an affirmative action sort of way he is a Canadian, so what do you expect.

But still

Just once

I beg

I plead

Could the man just write one intelligent piece of shit?

Bail Me Out of My "Music Education" Degree


Tourism - The Zero Sum Game That Should Be Played

Let me succinctly and briefly explain "tourism" from an economic perspective so that you all may understand why local governments are all about it, even to a level that said local governments don't even understand (but do on an intuitive level).

"Tourism" is very Keynesian in that it is short sighted.

For example, Obama, all of economic academia, the council of economic advisors, and the entire management of the federal reserve really do believe, like Christians do a guy nailed to a plank of wood, that government stimulus will "increase aggregate demand" and with a "multiplier effect," blabbity blah blah blah.

Is it working?

No, of course not.  Average economic growth is the lowest it's been ever, especially considering the INSANE Keynesian-wet-dream-of-a-deficit we've been running these past 6 affirmative action years.

But the reason it isn't working is because the smart money sees what's going on.  The government is merely borrowing money from future producers to pay for current day parasites. Who would invest in such a system, even with (I know, *giggle* for the idiot naive Keynesians) "low interest rates" and "low taxes?"

But that is PRECISELY the same concept of tourism.

You are taking money from one group of people and moving it to another group of people. 

However, instead of Obama's KWD (Keynesian Wet Dream) where we take money from the future and give it to the parasites present, tourism is merely the same thing taking money from one area of the country and giving it to another.

For example, when I lived in Wyoming, there was no shortage of middle aged men motorcycling through town living their motorcycle dream of driving cross-country.  Certainly admirable, certainly something I'd recommend, but whereas Krugman and his Fucktard Keynesians (it's a band of government-quality music) would claim this is "economic growth" or "economic stimulus" in the end it is nothing more than taking money from one area of the country and placing it in another.

The money those motorcycling men spent on gas did indeed go to local economy in Wyoming, but that by mathematical necessity withdrew money that would have gone to their hometown economy in Pennsylvania.

The money those mid-life crisis men spent on booze at the Occidental Hotel (which I highly recommend) did in fact benefit the local economy in Buffalo, Wyoming, but at the expense of Saskanoose, Michigan. 

In other words, the overall economic impact of "tourism" is a zero sum game.  You are merely taking dollars from one area of the country to spend on another. 

This then presents an interesting local-economy-war game where different localities and municipalities must advertise and duke it out for tourism dollars.  This is why you see advertisements to come visit some place or another.  Advertisements to live your dream.  Advertisements where *SNARK* the parasite state of California wants outside money constantly to bail their pathetic asses out (hey California was cool in the 80's! Come visit us, please...we're umm...totally relevant dude!)  It also explains why local taxpayers spend billions every year subsidizing professional sports and marginal teams by building them palaces to throw the spheres into hoops or hit spheres with sticks, or are stupid enough to vie for the Olympics. 

Regardless, in the end you have what is invariably leftist local politicians fighting against other local leftist politicians for other people's disposable income in the form of out of state tourism dollars.  The next national gain is zero, but the local gain can be enormous.  But something tells me the leftist politicians and economists we have in our institutions of leadership can't tell the difference.

How Black Boys' Desire to Become Athletes and Rappers Destroy Their Lives and the Black Community

Chicago, The Next Detroit

The stupid!  It burns, it burns!!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

College as a Leftist Cult

Which it is and which is why the Zombie Liberal is a genuine and real threat.

"The Job Market for Law Grads is So Bad..."


It's so bad employers actually have the balls to post a want ad for VOLUNTEER LAWYERS!

The Weakest Generation

WWII was the Greatest Generation.

Baby Boomers were the Lamest Generation.

Gen X, good lord, the most "Pathetic" Generation I suppose.

But there is no doubt the Millineals are the Weakest Generation.

A Podcasty Weekend

Davis has (in all seriousness) one of his best podcasts.  Download it and listen to it.

He also has a post about Tinder, which invariably I'm going to have to figure out what's going on.

The Bechtloff also has the 4th episode of his podcast released.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Blogroll Addition - James Altucher

Many of you guys have recommended for some time now I look into James Altucher.  I metaphorically said in my mind, "yeah yeah, I will" as if I was promising my mom I would read Atlas Shrugged or something.

Finally, I checked out his site and, frankly I am ashamed I did not heed the words of my readers earlier.

My thanks, and apologies, but James Altucher is now officially on the blogroll.  You may visit him here.

I also intend on reviewing some of his books.  Namely Choose Yourself and 40 Alternatives to College.

Dude Bro Inc

Let's just say I know "a guy."

And when hanging out with this "guy" one time I met his co-workers.  These co-workers were the epitome of the fratboy-douchebags that, like Wyoming, should eliminate any concern on your part that the decline in America is relegated to just "women  and minorities."  No, they were proof positive that the decline is truly unbiased, unbigoted, and is infecting all people of all kinds.

But something was different about these dude bros.  They were extra-special douchey the night I met them.

Sure they all had the signs of dude-bro-ness:

Wearing sunglasses indoors at night.
Having floozies on their arms that had the face "don't dare talk to me."
Doing shots shots shots shotshotshots shots shots shots shots.
Telling stories and giving speeches that were neither funny, nor witty, and completely based on inside jokes.
Bragging about their careers.
Taking selfies even though they're males.

But then two things caught my eye.

One, they all drove cars that I knew by their age they couldn't mathematically afford.  Oh sure, it was possible.  Anything was possible.  But they'd have to be bringing down around $250,000 per year to make all their stories true and hold the deeds to those cars.  And I knew from banking the percentage of middle-aged fratboy douches who owned their car was around 2%.  Their younger, less experienced counterparts, had to be leasing or borrowed to the hilt.

Two, they were in sales.  "Sales" if you don't know is where many douchey dude bros work because they are completely untrained, unskilled, and too lazy to do anything else.

Frame this house?
"Dude, that's like what my old man did."

Program this router?
"Dude, that's for nerds!"

Weld this car?
"DUDE!  THAT GAME IS ON!!!  GO LEBRON!!!!!  He's my man!!!!!"

No, they were "big idea guys" and any real work was beneath them.

This also caught my economist eye because I knew all "idea guys" were ego maniacs who wanted the benefits of hard work, but used sleaze, ass-kissing, politicking, and networking to attain said benefits without hard work.

So faster forward several years and I don't know why it comes up, but my economic spidey senses start tingling and saying, "you know, there's no way to tell how those dude bros turned out, let alone prove with 100% certainty that they were indeed posers, but I wonder if their company is publicly traded."

And by golly it is.

And by golly will you look at those bottom lines.

Again, there is no guarantee that the dude bros were faking it.  Who knows, the company could have been spending all of their money on sales teams making those dude bros the only dude bros in the country that weren't faux $30,000 millionaires.  But based on my experience in banking, not to mention knowing precisely what it would take to present and keep up such a lifestyle/image, I think I can safely tell you this very important lesson:

Nearly 100% of the people you see dude-bro-ing it up, or fratboying it up, or (on the female side) "partaaaayyyying" it up, are fake and putting on a show.

and psychologically

it is just impossible for so many young people in today's economy to all be acting like Paris Hilton AND have the money to back it up.  There just isn't the money, there just isn't the economic growth, and truthfully, most young people today are just too freaking stupid to manage their finances, let alone to the level they are in the top 1% of income earners.

Ergo, when you see them in the nightclubs, partying it up at a bar, ordering a round of shots, driving a fancy import, do not feel jealous or that you are somehow underperforming.  I can guarantee you with 99.9% accuracy the party is going to end rather quickly for them and the remaining 20 years of their lives consist of avoiding bankruptcy, living paycheck to paycheck, and the constant fear of having to make ends meet.  Worse for them, they will have to keep up the lie to save face which will only condemn their entire financial lives to hell.

You just need to realize this, practice minimalism, find non-douchey friends, and both your personal lives and financial lives will be forever better and genuinely richer than the dude bros'.

Another Cappy Cap Job Posting

Howdy All,

Alex over at Academic Composition is looking to hire some people again and since I know a lot of you are either in college or fresh out of college and looking for some cash, thought this might be up some of your alleys.  Of course, nothing glamorous or glorious, but it will pay some bills.  Basically he's looking to expand his homework-writing business and needs people to post ads on Craigslist.

Here are the specifics he's provided me:

If you reside in one of the below listed regions, you can seize this opportunity by posting ads on craigslist.
1. Los Angeles
2. New York
3. Boston
4. Houston
5. Dallas
6. Denver
7. Vancouver
8. Chicago
Next, all you'd need to do is follow this simple four step process to receive a $25 start-up compensation.

A. Create a new gmail account
B. Set up the forwarding features to ensure that all of their incoming emails are automatically re-directed to me (sounds more complicated than it really is, most people will be able to figure out how to do this within 3 minutes)
C. Use the new GMAIL account to set up a Craigslist account
D. Receive my ads and prepare to post them in the city where they reside

If you post the ad specifically as you were instructed to, it will not be flagged and removed by craigslist. If your ad stays live on the forum for one full week, you will be paid $20. If it stays for a full 12 hours, a $15 compensation is in order. If it only lasts three days, I'll pay you $10. If it survives for a mere 3 hours, you'll be paid $5.
Contact Alex at

Again, I know it's not an investment banking position, but it beats delivering pizzas.

Friday, April 18, 2014

When the Left Co-opts the Word "Bullying"

Permit me to make a prediction young lieutenants.

My experience has told me that the left hates and loathes more than anything else the following things:

Being accused of lying
Being shamed
Being exposed as a hypocrite
Being accused of/shown to be stupid
Being criticized
Being ridiculed
Being mocked

They can dance in the boxing ring with you all day if you try to argue facts, statistics, and logic, because they will simply ignore what you say and call you a racist or a sexist.  But if you stoop to their level and take them on in a personal way, shaming them and exposing them for the idiots they truly are, then they get mad.  Because in going after them personally, you reframe the argument to be personal and about them.  They (very much like conservatives frantically scramble to deny an accusation of racism) get livid, see red, and muster the entirety of their energies to protect the thing that means the most in their lives - their egos

Does it solve the debate?

Does it advance the national dialogue about the economy and government?

But it's the most progress I've ever had whilst engaging leftists.

However, an interesting little phenomenon is developing and I can see it happening a mile away.  And that is the left is quickly drafting on its drafting board in academia the perfect weapon to deflect, deny, and even criminalize any mockery, ridicule, outing, shaming or any other form of one-upmanship.  And that perfect weapon is to take all of the above, define it as "bullying" and make it an illegal act a la "harassment" or some other such act of intellectual dishonesty.

Whether they will be successful or not is another debate, but already you can see the word "bullying" being used in leftist parlance with the context that suggests when you

call a feminist on her bullshit
you're a bully

make fun of a socialist's inability to do basic 4th grade math
you're a bully

dare to hold minorities up to white standards, thereby treating them as genuine equals
you're a bully

laugh at middle aged women who think they can "have it all" as they divorce and find out no men want them,
you're a bully

The ultimate aim of this cowardice is to shut down debate.  And like other words (racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, close-minded, fascist, redneck, hick, privilege, etc.) once accused of the criminal act of "bullying" most spineless conservatives, libertarians, etc., will abandon their post, abandon the argument and rush to defend against the accusation out of fear of social ostracization, fear their career would be ruined, or fear of criminal charges being brought against them.

Of course, "bullying" ending up becoming a crime may sound a bit outlandish, but how far of a jump is an accusation of "bullying" from "harassment?"  Also, have you seen just how thin-skinned, cowardly and pathetic the up-coming generation is?  Just a quick perusal of our college culture with their obsession to find new forms of "privilege," their hyperbole of "rape culture," and their addiction to becoming some kind of a victim (ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, my sex, my color, my multigenderedness, depression, bipolar, the list is endless as it is pathetic) shows our "future" is a bunch of adult children professionally trained to look for and be insulted.  Their inferiority in this regard almost guarantees the definition and illegality of "bullying" will be expanded.

But, as you know, I always like to point out the bright side or at least the solution.

These veritable Nazis, these haters of freedom, these whiny, snively parasites who constantly fake being a victim so they can rationalize living off of others just aren't terribly savvy about economics.  And what they don't realize is that the economy is so poor and entire underclass (namely comprised of men) have no


And since the teeth of left's "victimization strategy" ultimately lies in the threat that if a conservative or libertarian speaks their mind they might lose their


for at least the future generation this tactic is ineffective.  An entire generation of (again, primarily men) have nothing left to lose.  And when it comes time to telling a

fat acceptance feminist she's fat
a minority to get off his ass and stop blaming his skin color for his failure, but rather his 5 illegitimate children
or a spoiled brat suburbanite that her degree in sociology is a waste of taxpayers resources and proof she can't do math

no amount of a legal threat of "bullying" is going to stop them.  Because at least there's sanity in pointing out the truth, no matter how much and how many whinny, spineless, cry-baby victim leftists cry bloody murder.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Part Two of Soul Smithy's "Enjoy the Decline"

Admittedly it is very crass and ridden with foul language, but I like the flow and the Sam Spade kind of narration of it.

"Confessions of a Failed Slut" - A Review

Confessions of a Failed Slut is the latest work from Kathy Shaidle of Fivefeetoffury Fame. And I would like to start out by pointing out it is an ESSAY, not a book!

Not that there's anything wrong with that.  I am a big fan of essays if for any other reason than that many ideas do not need 300 pages to convey.  But I wanted to be a stickler to this point because Kathy readily admits it is an essay and not a book by offering it only in Kindle format.  She did not write 35 pages and call it a "book."  Ergo, I tip my hat to her in this pet peeve regard of mine.

That being said "Confessions of a Failed Slut" covers Kathy's life through the 70's, 80's and 90's, primarily recording her observations of dating, courting, sex, and society during that time.  However, unlike her slutty counterparts or contemporaries writing for Cosmo or aging like Maureen Dowd, she is nowhere near as vapid or vain.  She is a woman with a sharp mind, self-respecting impatience, and an cynical eagle eye making her observations prove correct overtime and clairvoyant in the past.  Therefore instead of Harlequin romance tripe, you get a straight shot, no dope, Brooklyn east-coast accented talking story (except for the fact Kathy hails from Canada).

The essay takes on basically a rant/screed feel as she effortless transitions from one topic to the next, never requiring chapters or even subheadings.  One minute she's talking about being in AA, the next minute she's talking about the Love Boat, and the third about Penthouse Magazine.  While this would have normally made my linear economist mind explode, it doesn't matter because there is a logic and a flow, and above all else a lesson - generations of young men and women have been lied to so much that what we are witnessing is not only sad, but sadistically entertaining and utterly predictable.  Normally such a dire and macabre topic would beget frowns and heads shaking, but Kathy's realism, indifference, bluntness, and ability to make hilarious analogies on par with Dennis Miller will have you laughing your ass off every 2nd page. 

Will this book revolutionize your thinking?

No, probably not.

Will this book convince any one of the hundreds of millions of young westerners to convert back to their traditional 1940's societal roles?

Oh good lord no.

But it is nice to see, from the perspective of a "slightly" older than me type "older sister" who had been through it before explain what she saw, how outlandish it was back then, and that no, you weren't insane for thinking what you did back in 1988.

You can find "Confessions of a Failed Slut" on Kindle.

(Note, "slightly older" means like 3-4 months older than me putting her squarely in her mid 30's)

Until the Government Bails Out the Higher Education Industry

An estimate going around that half of the US universities could be out of business in 15 years.

That is until the government bails them out.

A "Sane" Horse Woman Speaks Out!

I got this comment from this video that I just couldn't pass up.

Remember boys, women with horses are *AHEM* "sane."  Don't all rush out there and marry all of them up now, you hear.  Leave some for the rest of us!

Why Liberals and Leftists Are Impervious to Logic, Math, and Reason

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Michael Bloomberg is Precisely the Reason the 2nd Amendment Was Written

You would think he'd just retire, but alas, the only thing tyrants have in their lives is to control other people.

Rewarding Paul Krugman

for being the government's lapdog bitch.

When I am king there will be no government money going to anybody to espouse any political views of any kind.

But remember, I'm the "right wing fascist" and Krugman is a caring liberal.

Cappy Cap Sponsorage

Remember lieutenants, economists, and agents in the field, support other entreprenurial lieutenants, economists and agents in the field who advertise on good ole Cappy Cap!

Chad Elkin's Tax Guide

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The Red Ginseng Store

Talon Knife

The Worst Advice My Father Ever Gave Me

"just because somebody CAN do something doesn't mean they ever will."

Amen brother.  A-freaking-men.

I will merely add my favorite quote of all time:

"When you come from, it's gone.  Where you thought you were going to?  Weren't never there.  And where you are ain't not good unless you can get away from it."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Unrelenting Ego of Leftists

Permit me to cite four stories/examples.

First, R22.

If you didn't know what R22 is, it's a refrigerant that is used in airconditioning units.  It's been banned by the EPA and the EU because it "harms the ozone layer."  Its replacement is much more costly and has resulted in some entities (smaller sports arenas namely) having to shut down or go without airconditioning.

Second, azodicarbonamide.

You may remember this more as the "yoga mat chemical" that was used to make Subway bread chewier.  It wasn't until a "food blogger" Vani Hari went on her little crusade and "exposed" Subway for using this chemical did most of anybody care.

Third, earplugs.

Not that there's anything interesting or newsworthy of earplugs unto themselves, but when a city councilman like Jacob Frey wants to force music establishments in Minneapolis to provide their patrons with earplugs and considers such an idea "good government" you can see why such an idiotic idea and man might make the news.

Finally, the cancer-ridden woman in Rapid City.

Some of you may know the story, but the short version was this 60 something woman who obviously had gone through chemo (she had no hair) was talking with her friends about how they stopped the Keystone pipeline at a cigar lounge I like to attend.  They were patting themselves on the back and then said, "ONTO STOP THE BAKKEN!"  When I got up to leave she thought I was her friend and asked for a hug "goodbye."  I then ripped into her about how she was scum, the reason the country and my generation had no hope, and that her little crusade was just to feed her ego and she didn't give a damn about the environment.  I may have said something about her not living long enough to see the Bakken shut down. 

So what do all four of these anecdotes/stories have in common?

They all highlight what is arguably the most dangerous aspect of leftists and socialists:

They won't stop.

Understand that there is a theoretical "optimal" amount of legislation.  Too little legislation and there's bound to be a lot of crime.  Too much legislation and you cripple and choke off your private sector.  But leftists don't care about this because to them MORE legislation is ALWAYS better.  It makes up for the fact they really don't have good ideas of governance, they have no game plan, and they make for miserable statesmen.  I termed this "disease" or phenomenon "Chronic Regulation Addiction" or CRA.

The problem for leftists and politicians in general suffering from CRA is that they fail to realize that there's nothing wrong with doing NOTHING.  That maybe over the past 250 years an adequate amount of laws and regulations were already passed and this body of legislation needs only mere and occasional tweaking.  No they "must do something" and so they're always on the hunt, always on a crusade to right and imaginary or made-up wrong. 

The problem this presents for society, however, is that as the laws become progressively petty they also become progressively invasive.  Admitted Nazi, Hater of Humanity, and All-Around Douchebag Extra-Ordinaire, Michael Bloomberg is the perfect example of this.  So complete was the legal system of NYC he had nothing better to do than to tell people how much soda they were going to drink.  And Jacob Frey, though not in the same league as Bloomberg, is doing his best to make people's hearing health the responsibility of the city government.  You take these two and multiply them by the tens of thousands of bureaucrats, politicians, and other participants that populate and lead our legal and regulatory agencies and you can see the threat to personal freedoms CRA infected leftists presents.

Perhaps, however, if we find out what drives leftists and socialists to constantly push for more as opposed to less regulation we can stop the perpetual encroachment upon our personal freedoms? And while that may sound great, unfortunately it's impossible, for what is truly driving leftists and socialist is ultimately their lack of any worth as a human being.

Though not a 100% correlation, if you look at the majority of leftist (and rightist) politicians, crusaders, "activists" and other people suffering from CRA their lives usually have no purpose, no core, and no meaning. 

They rarely work real jobs.
They rarely tried hard in life choosing the path of least resistance.
They produce nothing of genuine economic value.
And usually hail from academia, law, government, non-profit and 9 out of 10 times have a worthless liberal arts degree.

Because of this they need something to fill the void and give them some kind of "faux" point or purpose in life, but nothing that would require rigor or hard work.  And thus they not only champion leftist causes (because "other people's money" is a popular and easy platform to run on), but constantly hunt down those progressively smaller morsels of "societal ills" that "demand action be taken to solve!"  But worse, it's nearly impossible for them to ever stop feeding their egos with never-ending "do-gooderism" because in order for them to stop at the "optimal level of law" they would be forced to look in the mirror and accept two things:

1.  They are in fact worthless people and their lives not only meaningless, but damaging to society
2.  They would have to get real jobs

And that the ego of a leftist cannot abide.

Ergo, the ego of leftists is never ending.  It will not stop.  It will not relent.  And it will run-ramshod over your personal freedoms as long as it feeds its host.  Because after all, it's more important that politicians and bureaucrats make up new laws and regulations to feel good about their worthless-selves than you have the right to drive the car you want, eat what you want, and do what you want in this country.

Enjoy the decline!

Good News About Firefox

The Pale Moon browser is gaining traction against it: